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How Brands Got in on the Beef

Over the past week or so, two hip-hop artists have been involved in a argument that’s dominated social conversations throughout that time. Canadian artist Drake and U.S. up-and-comer Meek Mill have spent the week trading jabs in the media, on social, and have been releasing special songs to undermine the credibility of the other.

Yesterday, Meek Mill released the latest song in the ongoing feud – often called a “beef” in hip hop lingo – and was met with widespread criticism in the hip hop world.

Sensing an opportunity, a number of brands decided to jump in on the conversation and craft their own promotional messages around the beef. For some it paid off well, for others, things were a little forced.


The popular Texas hamburger chain came out firing once the Meek Mill single was released and public opinion determined it was a flop. They were able to capitalize on the “beef” to promote their own product and show off just how “with it” they are as brand, racking up massive engagements.

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Whataburger takes Drake’s side

They followed that up with a second tweet later in the day, realizing they’d struck a great opportunity to attract some earned media (exhibit #1 right here) and remain relevant in searches.

Whataburger tweet Drake

Whataburger refers to a Drake lyric to remain in the loop on the beef

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May the Fourth Be With You: The Winners and Losers of Star Wars Day

Each year, the fourth of May provides an opportunity for creatives at agencies across the world to come up with the best Star Wars puns and shareable images they can. The unofficial Star Wars Day generates buzz and creates a rare opportunity to connect with fans of the series and the emerging “geeks are cool” crowd.

Even here in Ottawa, the carillon on Parliament Hill rang out a 15-minute concert themed around space, including a rendition of the Imperial March. (By the way, this would end up in the “fail” category – as the government, playing the music of Darth Vader’s squad may not be the best idea.)

Let’s look back at how some of the world’s biggest brands took advantage of the annual celebration, while celebrating the winners and mocking the losers.

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Canada’s 14 Best Social Campaigns of 2014

From the opening ceremonies in Sochi to the feel-good videos of the holiday season, I have compiled my picks forĀ  Canada’s fourteen best social marketing campaigns of the year.

Spanning industries from auto manufacturers to sports franchises, crossing through the private sector and government agencies, from viral videos to customized websites to a renovated house in suburban Calgary, spend some time getting to know the marketers who are setting the pace on social platforms as we leave 2014 and launch into the new year.

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Social Circles: This Week in Social Media (October 27, 2014)

Each week, Social Circles brings you the biggest news from behind the social networks. Keep up to date with the latest trends, breaking news, and expert analysis from across the web.

This week’s wrap-up includes the web’s newest platform which promises to pay users, updated privacy measures for Canadian military personnel, and Facebook’s new app which takes mobile users back to the days of chat rooms.

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