Second-­screening has become a crucial aspect of all debates this election, and shows no signs of slowing.

With the initial debate this election, Maclean’s ran the hashtag #MacDebate in addition to hosting a panel of journalists and pundits and throwing questions out to the crowd on social media.

So how do you and your organization break through the noise?

The best thing to do is orchestrate a “hashtag hijack.” Immediately preceding, proceeding or during the debate, mobilize all of your members to begin tweeting a single hashtag while also including the handle of the organization hosting the event.

For example, during the Sept. 17 debate, Canada’s nurses began tweeting #DebateHealth. As more members begin tweeting, you increase your chances of your organization starting to trend, which like a domino effect, gets your messaging in front of even more eyes. Plus, the search benefits abound as people searching for the debate’s hashtag land on your content.

It can be a difficult, timely and tedious task ensuring everyone on your team is prepared to synchronize and share content, but the payoff is enormous.

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