There’s no denying that @norm was the Twitter account to watch in August. The 74-year-old Toronto city councillor raced to 130,000 followers and earned recognition in every major media outlet in Canada.

So, how do you replicate that success? While understanding the web works in weird, wild and mysterious ways, there are some important best practices to learn from @norm.

First off, be up-to-date on the biggest news in pop culture. Norm’s real rise to infamy came from him inserting himself into the rap beef between Toronto’s Drake and Philadelphia’s Meek Mill. Knowing what headlines are most important among the millennials that are most active on Twitter offer the best opportunities to be the next best thing.

Norm Kelly Drake Twitter

Norm tweets about glasses with Drake

Second, tweet consistently. Only sharing content when something that is only one hundred percent related to your cause comes out will guarantee failure with a widespread audience. Throughout the election, you should be tweeting two to three times a day, being as reactive to breaking news as possible.

Last, share multimedia. Norm’s other great feat came with the #RacoonTO hashtag, when he continued to share photos from the streetside vigil. Research has consistently shown photos and videos perform far better than text-only posts——take this to heart when taking to Twitter.

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