Amidst the conversations of the role social media will play this election, a number of emerging platforms have been largely ignored. We’ve already written about theparties’ poor efforts to connect with students on traditional media, but how about on the online spaces millennials actually enjoy? While all of the leaders are active on Facebook and Twitter, millennials are increasingly joining online spaces where their parents don’t quite “get it.”

According to a 2015 study by Forum Research, 32% of Canadians aged 18-32 are on Instagram. Among leaders? Only Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper have accounts, and neither are particularly good at it – both simply re-hash content from their Facebook profiles.

On Snapchat, the Liberals again have taken the lead, with Trudeau being the first to set-up an account on the site.

If the parties, third-party advertisers and other political actors want to seriously consider getting voters aged 18-25 out to vote, and more to the point, to vote for them, they need to quickly get in front of that audience. While Canadians aged 18-34 are on popular social media – 36% on Twitter and 75% on Facebook – these groups are missing enormous alternative audiences, who could just be the difference this election.

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