Trolls online

“We Do Not Negotiate With Trolls”, Pt. 1

Even though you don’t have to pay a toll to get onto social media, trolls still abound.

They sit on Twitter and Facebook waiting to pounce on unsuspecting brands, organizations and individuals. In truth, they can be scary. Their methods range from posting negative comments about your group to flooding your Facebook wall with graphic, inappropriate content in an attempt to get you to take it down.

It can seem overwhelming, but there are ways to navigate the – at times – rough terrain that trolls thrive in.

For detailed steps to take when responding to negative criticism, read on!

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Does 8tracks Provide a New Outlet for Savvy Marketers?

When planning a summer road trip, the first thoughts shuffling through your mind might consist of destinations, routes, and estimating how much your wallet will suffer in rising gas prices. Before too long, though, you inevitably wind up filling up the iPod or frantically burning and marking CDs – the relationship between road trips and music is one of those unbreakable bonds.

That connection led O’Reilly Auto Parts, a chain headquartered in Missouri with more than 4,000 stores across the U.S., to place their brand in relatively unexplored land.

The company launched their own ultimate road trip playlist on 8tracks, which so far has generated over 20,000 plays and about 500 “Likes.”

If you’re not familiar with 8tracks, it’s an Internet radio outlet that allows users to upload “mixes” of songs, which can be streamed online for free through a unique licensing agreement.

Remember that one friend from the 90’s who you’d ask to burn the latest Nelly single, and he’d turn it into an expression of art and spend countless hours creating the perfect mix? 8tracks is a site that draws all those people, as well as DJs and music producers, to one place. You get the added bonus of finding, and listening to, these playlists for free.

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Dodge Ventures Into New Sponsorship Territory on Twitter

On first glance, sports branding seems to have filled every crevice in broadcasting imaginable. Dodge has managed to find one sitting right under our noses.

Screenshot of Bob McKenzie's Twitter account from March 4, 2014

Notice the “TSN TradeCentre Tweets Presented by Dodge Ram.” Taken March 4, 2014

ESPN leads the way on this front, as their “Sunday NFL Countdown” has six companies with branded segments, while “Monday Night Football” programming has 14. Their college football pre-game show comes complete with a coach bus that drives around splattered with The Home Depot’s logo.

Maybe it shouldn’t be any surprise that ESPN’s sister station to the north has upped the ante.

TSN’s one-day TradeCentre program, which basically provides breaking news, analysis, and predictions on the NHL’s annual trade deadline, is one that has helped the network stand out as a premier hockey authority.  Featuring a panel of some of the top hockey analysts, often seen furiously typing away on their smartphones, it’s not surprising the show draws sponsorship.

Seeing the massive following that their analysts have amassed on Twitter (as a result of their hockey authority and knowledge, mind you), Dodge has decided throw their sponsorship behind individual tweets and “personal” accounts.

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