Twitter parties have proven to be one of the more successful ways to engage audiences with your organization or brand. The idea of hosting one can be daunting, but these easy tips should turn any Twitter party into a success.


Twitter parties don’t happen overnight. Because of this, promotion is key to ensuring people actually show up and ask questions. At least a week in advance, you should begin pushing out content to let people know that the event is going on and how to get involved.


Sometimes users need a little extra incentive to participate in a Twitter party. So, in order to help drive engagement, offering incentives (no matter how small) can help to get people talking and interested.


As much as they might like to, most people don’t have the opportunity to spend an hour of their work day on Twitter keeping up to date with the topics that matter most to them. As a result, it’s important for you to schedule any Twitter party with the audience in mind. Advanced metrics can show you when your audiences are most likely to be online, and you should schedule your parties to meet those needs.

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