You don’t have to have a multi-thousand dollar camera to snap decent photos that your organization can use. Next time you’re at an event, follow these simple tips with your phone or point-and-shoot to have a usable photo for your website and social media.

Depth of Field

Capturing depth of field is an easy way to make a striking photo. Don’t take a “flat” photo, where everything is in a single focus. Instead, keep the subject in focus but include something in the background or foreground out of focus to create better context.

Rule of Thirds

You’ve probably seen the nine-panel grid on a camera before. Basically, following the rule of thirds suggests not placing your subject directly in the middle of a photo. Instead, you want your subject to fall where two lines cross.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Whenever possible, try to keep the light source behind you. When you put a subject in front of a light source, it can create a silhouette effect. Lighting from the side can create shadows. When the light’s behind you, your subject is illuminated and you don’t have to worry about either of those issues.

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