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This week’s wrap-up includes Facebook’s new technology newswire and Groups app, a mobile meme generator courtesy Cheezburger, and a study that shows Americans spend more time looking at mobile devices than television screens.

5. Cheezburger Makes Mobile Meme Generator

Online comedy blog I Can Has Cheezburger? (shortened to Cheezburger) has launched a new mobile app that will make it easy for users to create memes on the go. Users will be able to remix images and GIFs on the app, which has launched on iOS and will soon do the same on Android. (Via Social Times)

4. Facebook’s New Technology News Service

In the latest attempt to change Facebook’s reputation into more of a news aggregation site, the social giant launched FB Techwire last week. The new service will share featured content from major technology influencers using News Corp.’s Storyful. It would seem that the main goal is to become a better competitor to Twitter when it comes to real-time breaking news coverage In a blog post, Facebook said the wire will be a tool for journalists to find a range of original content, from breaking news to photos and videos. The Techwire launch comes seven months following the reveal of the similar FB Newswire. (Via Mashable)

3. Personalized Health Information Through Your Phone

HealthTap, an online medical app that allows users to submit medical questions to a network of more than 60,000 doctors, has created a more personalized initiative for the hypochondriac. The app has released “Top Doctor Insights,” which will go beyond keywords and evaluate the content and meaning of the question being asked, while also looking at the user’s Health Graph. After running through the data, the app will provide insights tailored to the user, ranked in terms of relevance. Basically, if two users are looking for information on the same topic – or even ask the same question – they will receive different results. HealthTap hopes this more personalized data will help compete with other, major sites like WebMD. (Via Beta Beat)

2. Groups Go Mobile

Feeling that the “Groups” function was lacking onmobile, Facebook decided to give them their very own app. The new Groups App is visually clean, and tries to maximize graphics while avoiding clutter. So far, the focus of the app is on complementing the main Facebook app, but it does provide an opportunity to build in commerce down the road. As Shirley Sun, the project manager for the Groups App, says, “This app is a complementary, optional experience, designed for people who are already power users.” This could help slow the “youth migration” away from Facebook that the company has felt, as the mobile-friendly service should appeal to younger users. (Via Tech Crunch)

1. Is TV the New Second Screen?

According to a new study by Flurry (Yahoo’s mobile-analytics service), Americans now spend more time on their mobile devices than they do watching TV. In the past nine months, time spent on mobile devices grew by over 9% in the U.S., which now puts the average time of use at 2 hours and 57 minutes. Time spent on TV per day is nine minutes less. The study attributes the growth in mobile use to independent app developers. (Via Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

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