AEJMC, Part 2

A quick update to say that next Wednesday, I will be presenting on a panel at the Association of Educators in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC) conference in Montréal.

Here’s a quick abstract of what I’ll be presenting:

Molly Vs. Goliath: Studying the Relationship Between Social & Mass Media in Contemporary Social Activism

Historically, one of the greatest challenges facing social and political activists is the ability to deliver their message to the public. Due to constraints, such as a limited newshole and reliance on official sources in mass media, activist voices often fall on deaf ears. This study examines Molly Katchpole’s use of social media in a campaign against Bank of America, leveraging public support and mainstream media coverage, as she successfully halted the bank’s unfair fees.

For more information on the conference, please visit its website.


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